Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where are the men?

After watching yet another one of "those" discussions on another blog and judging from my experience and observations, I've come to some rather grand conclusions:

First, the vast majority of men worth marrying manage to get themselves successfully married early in life and stay that way. Of the remaining men, 99% aren't worth more than five minutes of your time. Trust me. He's either a "bad boy" looking for the proverbial "love of a good woman" to turn him around or he's a whiner fussing about the lack of "good Christian women" (trust me, in this case, the demographics don't lie, he does - there are far more women than men looking for a spouse) or he's licking a near fatal wound that, had it been treated early, would have healed well. If he's divorced and his spouse is still living, give him a pass. Trust me. If he also has children, give him a pass and a very wide berth. Trust me, really.

Now this leaves us with about 2 in 1000 of the general adult male population. You may, by a great deal of guiding by God and wise married friends, find the one of those two that is worth marrying and, indeed, wants to marry.

The other one? He may prove to be a great friend who will buy you champagne on your birthday, but he's never going to be interested in anything involving rings and vows and lifetime commitments. He's a born bachelor.

Addendum: I have thoroughly enjoyed the series of posts from Doug Wilson of which this is a stellar example. It's a simple, yet vital distinction. If more men learned this . . .

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