Thursday, August 19, 2010


You know that point in a major spring cleaning/room overhaul project where you've become convinced you've thrown the one thing away that you now know you absolutely can't live without? And it gnaws at you and gnaws until, three days later, after you're tired of trying to forget it, you tear through all the boxes and nooks and crannies until . . .

You find it after all?

Just did it. Found all three of the books I couldn't figure out what I'd done with. And the bonus is that the storage closet in my study is now reorgnized (for the third time in as many weeks) and now I can set about culling and filing in an organized manner all the financial papers, articles and journals that I want to keep -- and boxes of books I can't bear to part with but have no shelf space for will line the floor.

Now, it's off to the shower and then to girls' night out at the Ice Cream "parlour"!

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