Friday, August 6, 2010

Just DON'T do it

Don't be stupid. Don't be a slow learner. Don't think you're cured. Don't ask 972 friends the same question, hoping to get a different answer. Don't think you can win fighting on the enemy's turf. Don't think it's your business to save the useful idiots. Don't think you can reason with those whose minds are darkened. Don't hang on to dead friendships (such folk were never your friends to start with). Don't forget that ideas have consequences. Don't discount the wisdom of age or the vision of youth.

Do listen to the wisdom of your friends, family and those in authority over you. Deliberately and joyfully place yourself under the authority of the wise and discerning souls who God places in your path. Be a parent as well. When you hear the same thing from unrelated sources, give it serious consideration. Think twice. No, think three times before discounting such advice. Listen to your gut. And your heart. And your head. And especially the Spirit that dwells within you. When someone tells you something that stops you in your tracks and makes you pause in thought - listen carefully.

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