Sunday, August 22, 2010

Links forged of spider's silk and hardened steel

There was a bit of a flurry this week in the blogosphere when several bloggers broke open the news that Jim Wallis, de facto leader of the "Evangelical Left", had been taking money from George Soros. You know him, he's the guy who has given, through various organizations, tens of millions to the radical left organizations like "". But poor Wallis sputtered and protested a bit too much - parsing his defence in a way that would make President Clinton proud (no, the elected President Clinton, not the unelected coPresident Clinton). Until the documents started disappearing, the evidence was there in black and white pixels for all to see. If you want to follow the rabbit trails, start here or here .

Now the reason I am spilling any electronic ink on Wallis and Soros is because it was a light bulb moment for me this week when I started reading about that. I started thinking about the web of links surrounding "Christians" for Biblical Equality, which tries to present itself as not just "Christian" but in the mainstream of Evangelical Christianity. The funny thing about the links is that they appear very flimsy, a bit like spider's silk. But they are spun around and around and around and pretty soon, it begins to look a bit stronger. Then, when you consider how many little links there are and how CBE used to try to hide those links (they stopped selling books by Jann Aldridge Clanton after a public fuss was made by this blogger and others about her hymns to "Our Great Creatress" and her own links to "HerChurch" in San Francisco), they don't appear concerned about them any longer.

Sojourners is an important link regarding CBE because Mimi Haddad (president of CBE) is also a featured blogger on Sojourner's "God's Politics" blog. So it begins with a link to the religious left which is linked to further leftist and openly pro-abortion funding. But that isn't CBE's only link to pro-abortion views. They still sell the books of Mrs. Stanley Gundry who, if you ask her point-blank, will deny she supports abortion rights, but her writings here and here show that to be a semantic ploy.

Abortion, being the natural consequence of the feminist agenda, it is not surprising to find links to other aspects of that agenda, including the leveling of sexual difference that occurs when we attempt to normalize the abnormal and support same sex "marriage". Feminism isn't only about sexuality and denying our differences as humans. The divine target of the agenda is God Himself. And here we find CBE's profile of one of their bloggers and Mutuality authors whose website is linked in her profile. Here we have the denial that children are a blessing, at least not a blessing she wants bestowed on her, she has much more important work to do than raising children. No, as with so many in religious feminism, her books are her children. But then, what else can you expect from those who worship a hermaphroditic gawdy?

So it begins to look like a well-spun web, doesn't it? Whether the religious feminists are akin to Lenin's useful idiots or whether they are knowledgeable tools - the agenda of the forces behind religious feminism is clear for those willing to look.

I agree with the headline on Marvin Olasky's article linked above - let's admit who we are.

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