Sunday, August 29, 2010

Don't set foot on the plank

If I am made to walk the plank by a pirate, it is vain for me to offer, as a common-sense compromise, to walk along the plank for a reasonable distance. It is exactly about the reasonable distance that the pirate and I differ. There is an exquisite mathematical split second at which the plank tips up. My common-sense ends just before that instant; the pirate's common-sense begins just beyond it. But the point itself is as hard as any geometrical diagram; as abstract as any theological dogma.

- What's Wrong With the World, G.K. Chesterton

If the pirate is of a liberal/progressive type, such as the religious feminists, they key thing is to never set foot on the plank.


Beth Impson said...

Love this quote, and your comment on it! Just want you to know, I check in here fairly often and enjoy your posts, just don't have time to comment often. Keep telling the truth, dear sister!

Stacy McDonald said...

Great quote!!!!