Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some people say the most unexpected things . . .

Just when I needed a good laugh, I sent the following email to a friend:


Just in case you need a laugh today, after I joked about eHarmony on your recent blogpost, Sally asked me - what about the rest of the guys they matched me with? So, this morning I re-opened my account and tweaked my profile to see if it improved matters any. It did not. Of the six matches they sent me immediately this morning, one said he drinks 'several times a day' but that his son is the most important thing in his life, another said Anthony Robbins is the most influential person in his life (he's the GREATEST, don't you know?) and a third said the last books he enjoyed reading were by Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen.

And this is based on 29 dimensions of compatibility?!?!?!!!


To which my friend responded, giving me cause for hearty laughter:

Hi Kamilla,

That is a riot!

What I tell my male students about compatibility, sometimes -- just for a laugh:
"You got one of these here? She's got one of them there? You're compatible!"


No, don't look, I'm blushing!

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Kamilla said...

Yes, the names were changed to protect the innocent.