Friday, August 8, 2008

It's HERE!!!

So you can probably tell I'm a little bit excited, but I have been waiting for this book since I found out he was doing it. Dr. Anthony Esolen is one of my very favorite authors. He "gets it" in a way few authors do. Because of him, I have a stack of reading (Shakespeare's The Tempest, Dante's Divine Comedy, etc.). And now, tada, his latest:

It's as good a high school graduation gift as is likely to come along for years to come. Since it is past that time for this year - a going away to college present wouldn't go amiss.

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Rachel Pierson said...

This one looks like fun. I got my daughter Frances Schaffer's Trilogy. Probably not as fun or provocative, but I have my hopes. My older daughter, to start her Junior year got Return to Reason (also included in the Trilogy), City of God and Kingdom of God.

Fortunately, my hope rests not in these meager works of man, but in God Himself.