Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Apparently your Best Life isn't gained by accessing the cockpit, Mrs. Osteen

It seems to me a disproportionate number of religious celebrities get themselves in trouble on airplanes and in airports. A few years ago one got in trouble for allegedly slugging a flight attendant, the reason why escapes me. Now comes Victoria Osteen, co-pastorette of Lakewood Church in Houston. You know the one that meets in an arena, right? She is being sued for assault by a flight attendant and professes astonishment at this. One report has Mrs. Osteen eyeing the door to the cockpit during the flight. One wonders if she thought that was the doorway to her Best Life Now, hmmm? Apparently, the FAA hasn't been paralyzed with astonishment as they have already slapped Mrs. Best Life Now with a $3000 fine for "interfering with a crew member during flight".

The thing that puzzles me about this is -- I can't figure out if it's the religious celebrities just wanting their "best life now" or is it anti-religious celebrity snobbery among flight attendants?



Michael said...

Whatever actually happened, it seems to me the flight attendant was going after, uh, early retirement. She wanted 10% of Osteen's worth for getting pushed? That's ridiculous.

If any unpleasantries did occur (some snobby celebrities like getting their own way and think themselves above the rest of us sinners), there seemed to be a lack of passengers who were aware of any of it, so it couldn't have been that big of a deal.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, Michael. There was no apparent evidence that Victoria was the ogre she was made out to be, and mocking her husband's best-selling book is not necessary from anyone, especially in a case like this.

Kamilla said...

No eveidence apparent to whom, anonymouse? Apparently the FAA thinks there is ample enough evidence to have levelled Mrs. Best Life Now with a hefty fine.

As for mocking? Well, let you know it is a basic premise of this blog that the only appropriate response to some forms of idiocy is mockery - and that includes the vast majority of religious bestsellers.

Anonymous said...

"Apparently the FAA thinks there is ample enough evidence to have levelled Mrs. Best Life Now with a hefty fine"

And apparently the court thought there was ample reason to acquit her.