Wednesday, August 13, 2008

An unholy spirit?

It is not unknown among religious feminists to claim Complementarians and Patriarchalists are bowing to the culture in their defense of sexual orthodoxy. I guess then, according to some religious feminists, we Patriarchalists are simply following a long tradition in the wake of St. Paul who was doing the same thing when he made a "Christian gloss on Aristotle's Household codes" according to Don who posted this recently on MereComments. Yippee, I'd rather follow St. Paul any day than some latter day gnostic guru claiming to understand what no one has understood for 90% of the Church's history.

And, contrary to the constant and universal witness of the Church, Don (and perhaps other religious feminists) knows this because, in his own words, "I have the Spirit and she/it helps me many times understand things".

Contrary to the claims of the religious feminists, a quick browse through any newspaper, popular magazine or television show will confirm that patriarchy is most certainly NOT the reigning philosophy of our culture. Feminism, sexual anarchy and general permissiveness (unless, of course, one wants to smoke a cigarette in a bar), rule the courts, the laws and popular entertainment. A call to sexual orthodoxy, patriarchy, a mere suggestion that it is best for children to have their mothers at home and even a whisper that one might want to reconsider their position on the use of oral contraceptives and other methods of birth control, any of these will get you a good laugh of derision by the culture and most of what pretends to be Evangelicalism as well. So, no, I don't think it is those of us who follow these biblical mandates who are bowing to the culture and the spirit of the age.

So, if religious feminists are not following the spirit of the age, one wonders what she/it spirit Don and his fellow travelers are following?

I encourage you to read through the entire discussion over at MereComments - it is enlightening in so many ways, as the good men who inhabit that blog often make it.

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