Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My new theme song

I headed over to the new SuperTarget to get some Miracle Whip this morning (can't have tuna without it, ya know). On the way home, I heard a song I rather enjoy for the sheer exuberance, if not the theme of the lyrics. It's the song written by Jennifer Nettles, "Down in Mississippi (Up to no Good)".

So, no, I don't endorse telling off your husband and having a wild weekend with your girlfriends, but I do like this line:

Luck's about to change for these three queens
Tired of getting jokers, deal us up Kings

I don't know about "luck" or being a queen, but I do know I'm mighty tired of gettin' jokers and wouldn't mind opening my front door to find a king (or even a prince) standing there with a big bunch of red roses.

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