Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Dance: Father and son bonding

Faithful readers of this blog will understand I feel strongly about The Dance as a metaphor for marriage. That's why I was blown away with tears for this father and son who clearly understand what their bond is all about.


Amanda said...

Marvelous! Here's another Riverdance spoof that you might enjoy.

Brian Saint-Paul said...

Hey Kamilla,

Great video (I loved the spoof, too).

I didn't know about your appreciation for dance as a metaphor! I think you might dig this piece we ran in Crisis Magazine some years back. You and she seem to be on the same page:

Brian Saint-Paul said...

Yikes. That link didn't work -- sorry!!

Kamilla said...


Thank you - the article was excellent! And you are right, she and I are largely on the same page.