Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just a step or two beyond parody?

Christianity Today has a new blog which goes by the name, Her.meneutics. It just begs to be parodied, but I think it may even be beyond that. The blog's writers explain their aim this way:

Her.meneutics is the Christianity Today blog for women, and provides news and analysis from the perspective of evangelical women. We cover news stories, ideas, and books related to the church's mission in the world, including international justice, pregnancy and sexual ethics, marriage, parenting, and celibacy, entertainment, fashion, health and body image, and women in the church and parachurch.

In the comments under this post, Trudi responds this way:

At last, a CT publication I can relate to. It's so offputting to read male writers.

Her.meneutics's readers, taking themselves a bit too seriously as Egalitarians are wont to, one of them responded thusly:

I cannot imagine what experiences in the church led her to say that, nor do I want to think about what responses one would see if a male reader had said "It's so offputting to read female writers." Can we not agree that Christ said that in our community (The Body of Christ) there is neither "male nor female"? This whole line of thought is vaguely disquieting...

Ahem, dear sir, I think you took a left when you should have taken a right back there at the junction. Yes, I'm pretty sure you did, you completely missed Sarcasm point.

Is it any wonder Evangelical-dumb seems to be bleeding it's best and brightest, on the one hand to rank paganism and on the other hand to Rome and Antioch?



Tim Bayly, over at Baylyblog, has just highlighted this excellent response from David Wegener by re-posting it on the main blog page. And, by the way, having met her, I have little doubt Tim's words about David's lovely daughter, Lizzie, are true!

ht: Don Johnson

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Michael said...

> [Trudi:] At last, a CT publication I can relate to. It's so offputting to read male writers.


I guess if I had Trudi's mindset, I would be "so put off" by reading your writings, you being a female and all... however could I relate to you?


[This must be why egals are "so put off" with Scripture -- all those male writers they can't relate to!]