Saturday, April 25, 2009

On what submission is Not

In his latest post over at MereComments, No Cheering Quite Yet, Steve Hutchens is pitch perfect, explaining in one paragraph why Egalitarians and other feminists will never "get it".

What makes me nervous about movements of men that emphasize the subordination of women is that (1) how the Christian doctrine works out in practice is based upon a mystery that includes the woman's full equality to the man, so to those outside may not look very much like women's subordination in any crass or obvious sense, and (2) these operations are very much the creative province not of conferences of men, but of faithful women, not doing what they do because of the demands the law of the male places upon them--however just that law may be--but because they love the men to whom they are committed, so follow the lesser law within the greater. Christian women living near the center of their faith are simply too accomplished, too strong, too well-integrated, too wise, too fruitful, and too happy, to satisfy the expectations of either feminism or the subordinationism of those who would make them less than they are. Christian men living near the center of their faith like them that way, and trust them with their lives.


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alaiyo said...

I just linked Steve's post at my Facebook site, too. Brilliant!