Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A precious gift, generously used . . .

When someone receives an extraordinary gift from God and uses it freely, it is a precious gift to us all. Tony Esolen has such a gift. His writing calls us on to our better selves. It calls us out of Plato's cave into the bright light of the Son. It calls us out of the world of greys into unimaginable technicolor. His writing speaks of the eternal as few (if any) other writers in our generation can.

The Disappearance of Song

Here is a small sample:

Men and women, in Ford's movies, are titanic mysteries, kings and queens walking the earth in ordinary garb; endlessly fascinating to one another and so powerful in their masculinity and femininity that talk of equality misses the beauty and the danger altogether. How can you talk of equality when you encounter a whirlwind and an earthquake? The marriage of such creatures is always an unadulterated good, as it portends both creation and procreation: a farm, a village, a culture, and children.

You might want to have a hanky handy when you read the rest.

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