Sunday, April 26, 2009

I keep wondering if it will ever dawn on them . . .

In closing his most excellent post of yesterday, Steve Hutchens writes this, "All these things are known by their fruits, not their advertisements. " Which is the reason I rejected what is called Egalitarianism by its proponents but would more properly be termed Indifferentism or Religious Feminism. What I embraced in its place is explained in a pitch-perfect manner by his post and the subsequent discussion.

Then I read this on an Egalitarian blog:

More and more aspects of American culture are sullied by the seamy, the seedy, the salacious, the scatological. As R. J. Rushdoony said years ago, when a culture forfeits the creation mandate under God to develop creation in a godly way, it devolves into the worship of sex (see Romans 1). These episodes [the subject of the rest of the post not quoted here] were not incidental, but lamentable. They should be resisted by avoidance and substitution. There is plenty of goodness left in the world and in America. As Paul said, "Hold fast to the good. Avoid every form of evil."

And I wonder when the Egalitarians will ever "get it". When will they begin to see that their project to remake sex in the church is not living up to its own press?

Yes, indeed. Hold fast to that which is good, embrace the creation mandate. All of it.


Michael said...


Good example of them talking out of both sides of their mouths. Thanks.


Michael said...

Another thing -- the rebellious culture is anti-authoritarian, and egalitarianism is basically that as well.

"Do your own thing, break the rules" they both say.