Monday, April 6, 2009

Going soft in my old age?

Honestly, I think I'm going soft in my old age. I go positively gooey over babies. It used to be, "oh, how cute." Now it's "Awwww, such a precious little one. Look at those bright eyes! And the tiny toes! AWWWWW!"

I used to be almost unshockable. My first job out of college was in a state psychiatric facility where I had occasion to be in close quarters with violent schizophrenics, serial rapists and dirty old men and women. It's amazing how well some of them behaved when I came at them with a needle in my hand. I thought it had hardened me. And it did for a number of years. There was little that shocked me.

Not any longer. Tonight I intended to engage in a little investigation into the sources used over at CT's new blog for women. Less than two minutes into that endeavour I was done. I exited the website and decided I needed a long, hot shower using lots and lots of soap.

Like I said, I'm going soft in my old age. CT can have their blog without my participation and they are probably glad of that. But know one thing - if they represent Evangelical Christianity - heaven help us all!

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